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Organizational Design

Tamauzy Consultants support organizations in developing their organizational design suitable and aligned with the strategy. We have many years of experience regarding different solutions for various organizational types suitable for different industries.

Tamauzy has built a unique level of experience in evaluating existing organizational design, and providing recommendations for more effective structures, including revised job roles and responsibilities.  We look to realign the organization's values, build strong foundations, create effective communication and collaboration that helps to create an environment where employees are engaged and productive to deliver business strategies.


Our Expertise Includes:

  • Assess and develop the current organization structure against the strategic direction and target future operating model.

  • Design and develop a clear vision with a business strategy that position the organization for growth.

  • Assure the strategic purpose, capabilities, culture and commitment are combined to foster highly coordinated strategy delivery and the achievement of desired results.

  • Design values and competency-based framework tied to business strategies and goals

  • Develop, implement and integrate organizational systems and practices that engender performance and commitment.

  • Develop Corporate Governance Manual by clearly showing the relationships of board, managers, employees, investments, and subsidiaries.

  • Conduct Workload Analysis to evaluate manpower utilization.

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