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Human Resource System Design

Is your company finding it difficult to hire and keep the best employees? To motivate employees? To manage "problem" employees? To convince staff to adapt to new ways of doing business? 


Tamauzy consultants have years of experience working with different organizations assisting clients build their HR strategy and processes to drive the business results by identifying and mapping key HR priorities in line with the business needs. We provide support in the design and implementation of overall HR strategy aimed at attracting, hiring, retaining, training and engaging high potentials.


Tamauzy Services Includes:

  • Develop HR strategy, HR Operating Model, and HR scorecard.

  • Conduct HR audits on policies, procedures documentation and systems

  • Evaluate and align HR functions with business strategies

  • Analyze and recommend improvements to recruitment process and strategies

  • Create or improve the Performance Management System

  • Analyze and design suitable compensation structure

  • Develop succession planning by selecting criteria to identify positions that are considered “mission-critical” to the organization.

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